Bona Floor Polish Problems (2 Easy Solutions)

bona floor polish problems

Bona floor polish is one of the best floor cleaners listed on the internet and even according to some reviews. But then, no floor polish is problem-free, this also applies to the bona floor polish.

Bona floor polish can make the floor turbid when dry, leave the floor slippery, and also cause noticeable buildup. Easy solution involves using alternatives such as murphy oil soap and quick shine floor luster polish.

Read on as we throw more light on Bona floor polish problems.

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Bona Floor Polish Problems

Here is a list of problems associated with bona floor polish and how badly they can affect your floor.

1. It Makes the Floor Turbid When Dry

One of the problems associated with the Bona floor is that it makes the floor turbid when it gets too dry. When wet, it makes the floor looks so glamorous and pleasing to the eye.

But once it dries up you start to notice build-ups. This is because the bona polish leaves sentiments on the floor and it can be very disturbing.

It takes time for this problem to be noticed, but it would slowly start displaying and by then the buildup would have settled.

2. It Leaves the Floor Slippery

Another problem associated with bona polish is that it makes the floor slippery and causes falls and slips in the home.

This can lead to grave home accidents. It leaves the floor slick and this might cause home hazards when the kids are running around.

It is not false to say that it has a high tendency of contributing to falls and slips when in use.

3. It Causes Noticeable Buildup

In as much as bona floor polish is a very popular product and is well noted for its cleaning ability one might doubt the whole nice reviews, due to the intense buildup.

After you have used the bona polish for while you might start noticing dust accumulation on your floor. These specks of dust are not supposed to be in the home. It makes everywhere look unpleasant.

The buildup spreads swiftly and in a few weeks, your once glowing floor is gone. Your floor would begin to look cloudy.

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4. It is Not a Good Choice for Engineered Hardwood

Another of its problem is that it is actually not a good idea for engineered hardwood floors. Most people have this misconception that it works so well on this wood type, but it is not true. The buildup after using this product is not suitable for the engineered hardwood. It would only cause damages.

The beauty of using the product at first might be stunning, but watch out for its underlying effect. Many people still make use of the product, but it still doesn’t stop the fact that bona polish has its fault.

5. It is Hard to Get Rid of the Residue

It is no longer news that the bona floor polish leaves residue on the floor, but this isn’t the real problem. The main problem is that the residues are hard to get rid of. Many means have been used to get rid of its residue but it always proves a hard nut to crack.

People use vinegar to remove the residues left behind by bona polish. Even at that it always turns out to be a tough process. The residue from the polish spreads at a high speed, but getting rid of it is unbearably slow.

6. It Leaves Streaks on the Floor

The bona floor polish also leaves streaks on the floor. This forms from a combination of dirt and residue from the bona polish. It leaves the floor colorized in a very distasteful way. It equally makes the discoloration glaring.

Alternatives to Bona Floor Polish

Here is a list of alternatives you can use instead of bona floor polish to give you the best result.

Murphy Oil Soap

If you are in search of a good substitute for bona polish, then you should murphy oil soap. It is made from water, coconut, and plants. These various ingredients make for the best on the floor. The Murphy oil soap leaves the floor glowing. It can be used on laminate, hardwood, and tile floors.

This cleaner is used in place of bona floor polish. Many of its advantages are that it does not leave residue behind while cleaning, it can be used for a while without any problem, and it can be used for all sorts of rinsing.

Quick Shine Floor Luster Polish

This is a good alternative for bona floor polish. It cleans the floor so well and prevents the floor from getting slippery. It works on your floor perfectly well.

It is made from natural and plant materials, which are free from ammonia, fragrance, and formaldehyde. It can also fill up minor scratches.

All you need to do is spread the cleanser using a mop and mop pads a bit damped with a broad stroke. It works best on uneven and exposed areas.

It is also a good cleaner for kids and pets. With just a minor application, it leaves the floor glowing and even withstands places with high traffic without staining easily.

Many of its advantages are that it is cheap but of high quality, it increases the lifespan of your wood floor, it also protects the wood floor and it equally, does not leave residues on the hardwood floor.

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No floor cleaner is problem-free, this also applies to the bona floor polish. It has its cons and they include; leaving streaks on the floor, it makes the floor slippery, and a whole lot of other problems discussed, above.

Not to worry, we also gave alternative cleaners that can give you the best result. We gave a detailed list of the bona floor polish problems and better alternatives to it, the above.

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