SmartCore Ultra vs. SmartCore Pro (7 Basic Similarities)

smartcore ultra vs. smartcore pro

There are so many types of flooring, but the SmartCore Ultra and Pro are both products of the SmartCore Vinyl luxury brand.

They are quality and budget-friendly products. They are very similar products and serve the same purpose but differ in styles, patterns, colors, and materials.

So, we will be outlining the strengths, weaknesses, similarities, and differences of SmartCore ultra vs. SmartCore Pro like durability, waterproof nature, installation, cost, and availability to determine which is better.

Are you in a dilemma and don’t know which to buy? Let’s help you make a choice.

Read on as we throw more light on this.

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SmartCore Ultra vs. SmartCore Pro

These are some differences between SmartCore ultra vs. SmartCore Pro. 


SmartCore ultra: Both products are made up of different materials. Smartcore ultra comprises of WPC, wood-like sawdust known as wood flour. It has a high definition design and pattern and feels softer.

SmartCore Pro: SPC is made of stone crush and polymer and has a more rigid feel. It suits perfectly for areas like garage and balcony.

Installation Areas

SmartCore ultra: You have to the installation area of both floorings. Smartcore ultra is best fitted in homes with pets and children.

Its soft texture lets you walk barefoot without discomfort and offers a lifetime warranty for residential use.

But for commercial purposes, it gives a 5-year warranty. Its wear layer of 12 mils and thickness of 7.5 mm makes it ideal for residential use.

SmartCore Pro: The SmartCore Pro features a wear layer of 20 mils, rigidity, rough texture, moisture resistance, and a warranty of 10 years. This feature makes it more suitable for commercial use.

Sound Proof

SmartCore ultra: SmartCore ultra features high soundproof quality and resistance to shocks. It is perfect for installing in places with children and pets because it can easily resist sound transmission.

SmartCore Pro: This comes with a low shock resistance because of its rigidity. It is also less flexible and, when used in a loud place, causes sound transmission.

Patterns and Designs

SmartCore Ultra: Its design is always flexible but has 25 styles in rustic, contemporary, and traditional looks.

It also comes in both tiles and planks form. Tiles are sized 12 x 24, while planks are sized 6×48.

SmartCore Pro: Smart core Pro comes in mainly three shades-light, medium, and dark. It also features rustic pattern looks and has 15 options for designs and patterns.

Price Points

There is not much difference in the price of both products. The Smartcore Pro is a bit costlier compared to the ultra.

SmarCore Ultra

Thickness: 7.5mm

Wear layer: 12 mills

Cost/Sq: $3.20-$3.40

Warranty: lifetime

Type: WPC( Wood, polymer core)

Styles: 25 styles

SmartCore Pro

Thickness: 6mm

Wear layer: 20 mils

Cost/Sqft: $3.50-$3.65

Warranty: Lifetime

Type: SPC (Stone polymer core)

Styles: 15+ styles

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Smartcore Ultra vs. Smartcore Pro: Similarities

Here are a few similarities between Smartcore ultra and Smartcore Pro


Both products are made of SPC and WPC, which are waterproof, and their rigid nature helps keep moisture away.

In cases of extreme wetness, SmartCore Pro is more suitable for installation. Because it is warped in vinyl, you can install it in places like the kitchen.

Easy maintenance

It is easy to maintain both products because of their moisture-proof nature; because of the way it is built, it is hard for dirt to build up in the plank or tile joints.

Wet mops and vacuums can be used to clean the floors.


Volatile organic compounds (VOC) can cause air pollution indoors. Smartcore Ultra and Smartcore pro are both certified with Green Guard Gold. They both meet stringent indoor air quality emissions criteria.


Smartcore Ultra and Pro can be used on wood, tiles, and concrete subfloors.

Attached Pad

Smart ultra and Pro both have pads attached to them. This pad helps to reduce the cost of installation and increase durability. It also gives it a smooth feeling.

Interlocking Construction

You don’t need any heavy machinery to install both products. They come in an interlocking design. You have to place the planks or tiles aligned to each other.

Glue It

Although you can install them by just placing them next to each other, gluing them makes them last longer in areas with heavy foot traffic like the staircase or outdoor use.

SmartCore Ultra vs. SmartCore Pro: Pros and Cons 


  • They are affordable
  • They are waterproof and can be used almost anywhere
  • They are easy to install 
  • They come with a lifetime warranty for home use


The planks products can scratch easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a steam cleaner on SmartCore luxury floorings?

Using a steam cleaner on SmartCore floorings is not a good maintenance practice. The product manual states against the use of steam cleaners, which may void your warranty.

Can pet urine stain my SmartCore flooring?

The SmartCore flooring products are waterproof and cannot be damaged by pet urine, but you should take extra care to always clean pet urine as it can smell and ruin the colors over time.

Do I need underlayment for my SmartCore Products?

It is unnecessary to get an underlayment for your SmartCore floors because they come with an attached pad.

However, you can apply a SmartCore underlayment for extra protection and comfort.

Now you know the major differences and similarities between the SmartCore ultra and SmartCore pro products, which do you prefer?

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Although both products can be used anywhere, their materials, styles, thickness, and patterns make them more suited for different areas.

So take your measurements and buy the one that satisfies your needs the most.

We have written this article about the differences between SmartCore ultra vs. SmartCore Pro to help you make informed decisions when choosing between both products.

We hope you found it helpful and informative. If you did, please share it across your entire social media pages.

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