How to get Glitter out of Carpet Without Vacuum – 4 Easy Hack

how to get glitter out of carpet without vacuum

Due to the minute size of glitter, they can be as small as 0.002 square inches (1.3 mm2); they are annoyingly clingy and insidiously designed to grab the eye’s attention, even from a distance. This makes cleaning up glitter from carpet, especially without a vacuum, a tough job.

Getting your space glitter-free requires more than conventional cleaning methods. To get around these little shiny objects, we’ve covered some tips on how to get glitter out of carpet without a vacuum.

The best way to get glitter out of carpet without vacuum is by using a lint roller, a carpet pile broom or a masking tape. For a more details guide on how to do this, read on.

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Here’s How to get Glitter out of Carpet Without Vacuum

  • Using A Carpet Pile Broom

Using a vacuum to clean up glitter from carpet sometimes only pushes the glitter further into the fibers. To prevent this, use a carpet pile broom to fluff up the carpet before vacuuming.

  • Using A Lint Roller

If it was only a little glitter spill, or it’s concentrated in a small area, you can run a lint roller over that spot. This will lift dust, lint, sparkles, as well as glitter from the rug or carpet without harming the fibers.

  • Use Masking Tape Or Duct Tape

Masking tape can be used on carpets with heavy-duty fibers that can withstand a bit more abrasive option, wrap duct tape around your palm and four fingers with the sticky side of the tape outside and the smooth on the inside.

Then with your fingers and hand, run over the area with the spilled glitter. Work further into the carpet pile with your fingers to catch any trapped glitter.

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  • Using A Balloon

You can create static electricity by rubbing a balloon on your carpet fibers. This attracts the glitter pieces to the balloon, and you can lift them off the fibers.

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How to Clean Up Glitter from Hard Surfaces

Wet sponge

If there’s glitter on hard surfaces like tables, wooden floors, desktops, and countertops, it can be handled easily.

Elementary school art teachers and salon nail technicians who deal with glitter on a daily basis recommend using a damp sponge and large bowl of water to wipe off the glitter from the surface, then squeeze the sponge clean in the bowl of water and repeat the process.

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If you want to chip in some fun as you clean, you can use play-doh to clean spilled glitter.

Press the play-doh on the surface with the spilled glitter until the play-doh becomes completely covered with the glitter, then simply work the play-doh until another clean surface appears, which you can use to capture more glitter; repeat these steps until the mess is completely absorbed.

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Cotton Balls

You can also gather the glitter into a manageable pile using cotton balls and steer every form of air from the pile as you steer it into an awaiting wastebasket below.

How to Get Glitter Out of your Hair

If a funky hairstyle went wrong and now you have a pile of glitter in your hair, you can get that glitter out of your hair.

If after shampooing your hair and there’s still glitter left in your hair, request a helping hand or use a mirror to apply hair spray to a paper towel and dab wherever glitter is clinging to your hair. The hair spray makes the paper towel tacky enough to lift the glitter from your hair and scalp.

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How to Get Glitter Out of Clothing and Upholstered Furniture

Glitter clings even better to clothes and upholstered furniture; in fact, they have been used to break criminal cases; even after the clothes were washed.

One way to successfully get glitter off your clothing is by running a masking tape-style lint roller through your cloth. You can also use tape wrapped around your hand, sticky side out, and pick off the glitter from your clothing.

You can prevent the glitter from a glitter dress from falling off as you move around by spraying the dress gently with hairspray. Avoid spraying too much product as it can cause the glitter to be dull.

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How to Remove Glitter From your Makeup Brushes

If you did a parade makeup look, but now you are stuck with glitter on your makeup brushes, simply swirl the brush around in a cotton ball dampened with rubbing alcohol. The glitter bonds with the cotton, and that gets your brush clean.

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As mentioned, you can remove glitter out a carpet with a lint roller, carpet pile broom or a masking tape. Now that you know how to get glitter out of carpet without vacuum, you can begin the process of putting the holidays behind you.

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