How to Clean Vacuum Brush – 8 Easy Steps

How to Clean Vacuum Brush

To ensure effective cleaning of your flooring, you must know how to clean vacuum brush. A brush is a necessary attachment delivered with several vacuums, affixing to the hose extension.

The vacuum brush is set on the hose extension and is utilized to reach tough-to-reach spots or clean furniture in a house.

The only thing that all vacuum brushes have in general is the long and stiff bristles. The vacuum brush attachment can loosen and scrub slime, fur or hair, and stubborn grime so they can vacuum it out.

Most homeowners are already common with washing or replacing the vacuum bag since that occurs regularly. Still, it is not as familiar to extract the roller brush from the vacuum and clean it.

Frequent cleaning of the vacuum brush is the best way to ensure that they are free from germs and dirt.

The steps involved in cleaning a vacuuming brush involve, opening the vacuum brush cabin and taking out the brush, using a comb to remove stubborn dirt, cleaning the brush with vinegar, and finally dying the brush.

If you reside in a home with pets, you may recognize this problem all too well. As the vacuum moves along your floor, it takes up hair that rolls around your roller brush.

When plenty of hair accumulates, the roller brush will not be capable of rotating and halts from picking up fur, hair, and litter on your floor. Fortunately, vacuum brushes are not hard to clean as it is an easy task and quick to fix.

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How to Clean Vacuum Brush

Open the Vacuum Brush Cabin and Take out the Brush

To gain access to the vacuum brush required to be cleaned, lay the vacuum cleaner on its side to uncover the screws. Use a similar head screw to lose all nuts from the bottom of the plate. A ton of vacuum cleaners should possess about four screws bolting the brush cabin in place.

Secure the screws in a careful area so that you do not misplace them. Immediately you have brought out the base plate; the roller brush should be apparent to you. You have to take out the brush by softly thrusting one side of the brush till it gradually slides out of the roller belt.

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Be cautious with this method so as not to result in unrepairable destructions to the roller belt. Take notice of these steps of removing the brush on the roller belt to be simple to fix back after the cleaning method is completed.

Several designs of vacuum brush will detach just by twisting and pushing them off the hose extension. In some other designs, there may be a switch or button to press.

Use a Comb

To remove the stubborn dirt, dust, and hair off the dust brush equipment, comb the dust brush.  You can make use of an old hair comb that you do not use on your hair any longer, or you can use just your fingers.

Using your old comb or your fingers, go clockwise around the vacuum brush, then anticlockwise.  Be certain to pull the bristles out from the plastic aspect to get rid of any dirt and slime piled up inside the vacuum brush.

Clean the Vacuum Brush

Dip your vacuum brush into a bucket mixed with a mild detergent such as dish soap and warm water. Then, scrub the bristles of the vacuum brush attachment by using your hand.

This step will take out any slime that has built up in the vacuum brush’s bristles. Ensure that you wash inside the vacuum brush to clean any grime and slime build-up piled up on the vacuum attachment insider.

Wipe with Diluted Vinegar

For a cleaner, you may consider using diluted vinegar to purify the vacuum attachment. Vinegar comprises acetic acid, that is recognized for being a mycobactericidal sanitizer.

Vinegar can eliminate home germs that stay on the brush bristles. The study indicates that it is even capable of eradicating Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Just be safe to dilute your vinegar solution with water not to destroy the brush’s bristles. Also, be careful not to have prolonged touch with any rubber parts on your vacuum brush. The rubber parts might cease to function over time.

Dry the Bristle Brush

After you are through washing the vacuum brush, use rags to dry and clean the inside of the vacuum brush. Rub dry the bristles with a rag and move it through the vacuum brush from the inside various times to absorb all the liquid.

Set the vacuum attachment to the side to dry totally and for it to be prepared for usage again.

Comb the Bristles

While your vacuum brush is drying, use an old comb and brush it through the bristles of the vacuum attachment. The old comb will help pull out all hairs and other residues that are still tangled with the vacuum attachment’s bristles.

Do this process many times to wipe out any persisting grime and dirt tangled inside the vacuum attachment.

Use the comb on the ends of each side of your vacuum brush. Sometimes fur, hair, debris, and dust will get glued under the end cap. Wipeout any hair or evident debris and put the end cap back on.


Before you do anything with your vacuum, make sure it is unplugged. In as much the brush is normally found within the vacuum cleaning cabin, the first thing to do to clean the vacuum brush is to switch off the vacuum.

Do not try to access the vacuum attachment without unplugging your vacuum from the power socket.

Maintaining your Vacuum Brush

On a periodic and occasional basis, depending on how often and how much you utilize your vacuum cleaner and the vacuum brush attachment, you can repeat the directions given above.

You can fix your schedule depending on usage but should try to purify the vacuum brush and its bristles at least three times a year or every three months.

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If you fail to clean the vacuum attachment frequently enough, you will discover that the vacuum brush harbors more grime and dust behind than it is eliminated from your floor surfaces.

It is effortless to keep your vacuum brush clean, and your vacuum attachment will work the way it is expected to do.

If you realize that your vacuum brush is putting more dirt on your floor than cleaning, then it is proof that the vacuum attachment requires cleaning. It would be best if you did not wait till the brush is apparent that the brush requires to be cleaned before you clean it.


Having read through this article, I believe you now know how to clean vacuum brush. A vacuum brush attachment is a piece of valuable cleaning equipment for flooring surfaces.

But just like anything else, it can harbor grime and bacteria. Frequent cleaning is a means to avoid germs from circulating.

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