How To Clean Dyson Filter – 9 Easy Steps

How to clean dyson filter

Looking for how to clean Dyson filter? Then we’ve got you covered. Cleaning Dyson filter is very important, this is one of the requirement needed to have good use of your vacuum lifespan. Before we proceed on steps to clean the Dyson filter, let’s talk about the vacuum itself.

Dyson vacuum cleaner is a cordless vacuum cleaner that cleans floors flawlessly. The major distinguishing feature of the Dyson vacuum is that it uses cyclone technology. It is suitable for cleaning carpet wood, bamboo, hard floors, tiles, vinyl and carpet of cars.

Dyson has different types of attachments that are suitable for cleaning different types of surfaces. It can suck up stubborn bits of fluff on surfaces you want to clean. Dyson vacuum captures dust, allergens and pet hair. It can capture and trap 99.97% dust as small as 0.3 microns; hence, it is asthma and allergy friendly i.e. people having asthma and allergies are safe health-wise when you are using the Dyson vacuum. Dyson vacuum has a centrifuge (the cyclone) that separates dust particles from the air which is collected in a storage bin.

Dyson vacuum can pull out hair trapped in carpets while the roller does not get too clogged with hair. This saves you from the stress of having to remove hair from the roller. The Dyson vacuum has a high suction power even on the lower setting. For troublesome areas, the high setting is used while the low setting is okay for normal dirty areas.

The battery life of Dyson vacuum is more than 30 minutes and within this time it can efficiently clean a house having an area up to 1200 square feet.

Despite the versatility of the Dyson vacuum, it is very easy to operate and maneuver. This is because it has a mini rollerball and it is cordless. The mini rollerball helps the vacuum to rotate 360° and enhance flexibility. Compared to other vacuums, the Dyson vacuum is noiseless. Another amazing thing about the vacuum is that while it is designed to be light in weight, it is also sturdily built.

Emptying the bin of Dyson vacuum cleaner is very easy; you simply push a button to release the debris. Hair trapped in the dust requires that you give the canister a gentle shake so it can be released. Dyson vacuum hardly takes up space, so it can be hung on the wall when you are done with it.

Steps On How To Clean Dyson Filter

1. Look for the serial number of the vacuum cleaner. This will help you to get information on which filter needs cleaning and how frequently.

2. After getting your machine’s serial number and model number, check up your machine model on Dyson website.

3. Read the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines.

4. Switch off your machine and unplug it.

5. Open the vacuum and remove the filter.

6. If you are instructed in the guideline to soak the filter, soak it.

7. Give the filter a swift rinse in cold water.

8. Keep the filter in a dry and warm place, let it get completely dry. Some models need to be dried for only 12 hours, while others require up to 24 hours.

9. Replace the filter when done.

Precautions To Take While Cleaning Dyson Filter

1. Don’t ever put your filter in a microwave or expose it to a direct heat source like a radiator, hairdryer or open flame to dry it.

2. Never use chemicals or strong detergents to clean your filter.

3. Always dry your filter after cleaning to avoid mold growth

4. Avoid putting your filter in a washing machine or dishwasher.

Note that the Dyson vacuum isn’t is a wet/dry vac that cleans but liquid spills as well as dust, pet hair and other solids, ensure to clean the floor to get rid of liquid when vacuuming. By doing this, you will avoid electrocution or damaging your vacuum.

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Now that you are well informed on how to clean your Dyson filter, there is a lesser probability of your vacuum cleaner reducing inefficiency, provided you follow the instructions above. Remember to always prepare your home for cleaning before using the filter, get rid of toys, coins and glasses and this can spoil the motor of the vacuum and eventually spoilt it.

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