How to Carpet Stair Treads – 6 Easy Steps

How to Carpet Stair Treads

When in certain circumstances stairs can get slippery, especially when they are in a high humidity area. So to prevent this from happening you can learn how to carpet stair treads by putting some carpet treads on the stairs.

The process on how to carpet stair treads is very easy and you can carry it out yourself. Carpeted stairs will provide you with traction even in the moistest areas. Stair treads are easy to install and it is also an affordable way to add warmth and style to any home.

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How to Carpet Stair Treads

  • Start by Measuring the steps on your stairs and then multiply the measurements together to get the total area. This will enable you to correctly determine how much carpeting you will need.
  • Place a piece of newspaper over the stair step, and trace over the step using a pen, after tracing cut out the shape to make a pattern that fits the step. If your steps have several different sizes or shapes, you will need to make a separate pattern for each one.
  • Place the pattern(s) over the back of the carpet remnant and Trace around it using a pen, then mark the remnant. Repeat this process until you have marked the carpet for each step. Make a pattern for each step so that it is easy for you to arrange them on your remnant and figure out the best way to cut the carpet so that you make use of as little carpeting as possible.

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  • Use a utility or carpet knife to Cut out your carpet pieces. Then run a small bead of carpet adhesive of seam sealer along the edges of each piece. This helps to prevent fraying. Some carpets like vinyl-backed varieties, do not need a seam sealer. After applying the glue Wait until it dries.

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  • Use a vacuum or broom to clean the stairs and try to Remove as much dust and dirt as possible.
  • Finally, Attach each carpet piece to a step. Aside from seam sealer, you can make use of carpet adhesive, nails or staples, and Carpet tape that is suited for attaching carpet to most types of stairs depending on your needs.

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Stair treads are easy to install and they add warmth and style to your home. This article will teach you how to carpet stair treads and avoid slipping on your stairs especially when there is high humidity and the stairs become moist.

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