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10 Best Mop Bucket – 2021 Review

best mop bucket

The task of cleaning your floors can be a tedious but yet necessary one; there are several mops in the market that have been designed to ease the cleaning process. Today, mops no longer carrying around a heavy bucket of cleaning water around or rinsing manually.

The best mop bucket and mop will give you a squeaky clean floor without you “breaking a sweat” or literally suffer an achy back and wrists afterward. Today’s mops save you the stress of wringing heavy, smelly mops like we once had to.

From self-wringing mechanisms to water spray technology, and all the way through to bacteria-killing microfiber, the best mop bucket and mop can give your cleaning process a new vibe, here are the best mop bucket that can get your cleaning job done in no time.

Review of the 10 Best Mop Bucket

1. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Double Pail

Rubbermaid Commercial Products-FG262888GRAY , Double Pail Plastic Bucket for Cleaning, Easy to Carry, 19 Quart, Gray
  • One side holds cleaning solution, while the other side holds clean rinse water
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Sturdy handle for easy transport
  • Measures 10" x 14-1/2" x 18"

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This mop bucket is a great choice when you need a bucket that will reduce your cleaning stress but also get the job done; this bucket can contain up to 44quarts of water, which is ideal for cleaning large spaces.

Unlike traditional buckets, this one separates clean water from dirty one, which not only saves water, it also saves you a lot of time of replacing the water when it becomes dirty, which tends to happen quickly, especially if you are cleaning a very dirty space.

This mop bucket comes with a smooth and non-porous surface that helps to prevent bacteria growth as well as making your cleaning job easy. It has a twist valve that allows you to empty its contents without lifting.

This bucket reduces water splashing by a whopping 40%, and it comes with a wringer that allows you to squeeze your mop effectively and easily, this makes it a great choice for elderly people.

It has a total weight of 21pounds and a dimension of 23.1 by 16 by 38.1 inches. It is easy to move around because the wheels are soft and absorbing plastic, which doesn’t leave scratch marks or causes damage to your floor, but it doesn’t have locking wheels. It also has a steel handle, which makes it easy to move the bucket and empty it.

  • Easy assemble
  • Very large capacity
  • Very durable
  • Separates dirty water from clean water
  • It comes with different humidity levels to choose from.
  • It is a bit bulky and heavy
  • Doesn’t come with a drain plug

2. AmazonBasics Side Press Wringer Combo 

Amazon Basics Side Press Wringer Combo Commercial Mop Bucket on Wheels, 35 Quart, Yellow
  • 35-quart mop bucket and side-press wringer combo for cleaning floors or mopping up messes; designed for commercial use
  • High-efficiency side-press wringer works with fan mop holders; down-press wringer works with fan and jaw mop holders; wringers quickly send water back down into bucket
  • Made of durable polypropylene; measurement marks (in 5-quart increments) run up the inside wall of the bucket
  • Loop carry handle; integrated pour handle; 4 smooth-rolling casters for quiet, convenient mobility; bright yellow color for easy visibility and added safety
  • Mop-handle clip-on holder keeps mop upright in bucket; mop not included

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This mop bucket is made from polypropylene, which gives it a durable feature; it has a side wringer that works with fan mop holders that are designed to send water back down into the bucket easily.

This mop bucket has 34 quarts capacity; it is strong and durable enough to save you the stress of applying much pressure when wringing out the mop so that you won’t tire yourself out and your hands stay dry.

It comes with four smooth-rolling caster that makes it easy to move the bucket from place to place without stress, and it won’t leave scratch marks or damage your floor. It has a handle clip which helps the bucket keep the mop in an upright position.

But this bucket does come with a mop inclusive when getting this bucket you will need to buy a separate mop.

This mop was designed for commercial uses, which accounts for its durability; it comes with a handle loop and a pour handle; they both make it easy to lift and carry the bucket and also pour out the water. 

This bucket is very easy to assemble, and you can easily clean the bucket with water after cleaning and then store. This bucket will save you from backache, which is associated with mopping due to its incredible design.

  • Has a 35 quarts capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with wheels for easy movement
  • Made with durable materials
  • It is a bit of a hassle to empty the bucket 
  • Might be a little too heavy
  • Doesn’t come with a mop

3. OXO Mop Bucket 

OXO Good Grips Angled Measuring Mop Bucket, 4 Gallons
  • Gallon and liter measurement markings on angled surface are easy to read from above
  • Built-in detergent measurement markings in bottom of Bucket eliminates need for additional measuring cup
  • Mop Holder on handle securely holds Mop upright for easy carrying or storage
  • 4-gallon capacity (14-quarts)
  • Soft, non-slip handle

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This bucket has a 4liter water capacity; it is made from plastic materials, which gives it a sturdy design and gives its long-lasting use. It comes with a bottom groove that helps it to collect heavier dirt; it has a soft non-slip handle that ensures your comfort while using it, and it also makes it easier to drain your mop.

This mop doesn’t have wheels, which can make it difficult to move the bucket when it is filled with water. It comes with a mop holder, which helps to secure the mop in place for easy storage, and filling of this bucket is quite easy, which gives you the comfort you need when cleaning.

This mop bucket has structural markings that serve as a water level indicator, which ensures that you only use the amount of water you need to avoid splashing and wastage of water.

It has a long shape design that ensures easy transportation; it also comes with a side wringer, which ensures easy squeezing of the mop to drain out the water without letting the water splash out of the bucket. It also saves you the stress of bending over when you want to drain the mop.

  • It has a water capacity of 4liters
  • It has a soft non-slip handle which gives you comfort while cleaning
  • Has structural markings which serve as water level indicator
  • Very durable
  • Doesn’t have rolling wheels

4. O-Cedar Quick Wring Bucket

O-Cedar Quick Wring Bucket 2.5 Gallon Bucket With Wringer
  • Cleans effectively with just water or vinegar - no chemicals needed
  • Eco friendly and machine washable refills up to 100x
  • Works great for linoleum floor cleaning, tile floor cleaning and bathroom floor cleaning
  • Microfiber head easily attracts dust, dirt and hair from hard surfaces
  • 2.5-gallon bucket that features a special hands- free wringer that thoroughly wrings out excess water keeping hands dry

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This mop bucket can hold up to 2.5gallons of water, which makes it a great option for cleaning large spaces. It is made with lasting materials that ensure its durability. It has a structural design which helps to distribute water evenly, making it easy to maneuver without spilling water on the floor.

It also comes with a detachable plastic mesh-like wringer that can remove water from mops with traditional cotton rope and microfiber mop with moderate head size. It comes with a notch that helps to hold the mop handle when moving the bucket from place to place.

It also comes with a pour spout, which prevents it from spilling dirty water. O-cedar mop bucket is a perfect choice as it makes your cleaning less tedious and gets the job done in no time.

  • Using the wringer requires less pressure.
  • Very durable
  • Comes with a detachable wringer
  • Easy to move from place to place
  • The handles tend to get rusty.
  • Cannot be used with a mop with a large head
  • Doesn’t have wheels for easy transportation

5. Carlisle 3690805 Commercial Mop Bucket        

Carlisle 3690805 Commercial Mop Bucket with Side Press Wringer, 26 Quart Capacity, Red (2-(Pack))
  • 50,000 Cycles Wringer - Side Press wring is easy to use and is designed to perform up to 50,000 wringing cycles for heavy-duty mopping
  • Durable Construction - Corrosion-resistant polyethylene can withstand temperatures from -40°F to 180°F for reliability and long-term use
  • Effortless Mobility - 4 non-marking swivel casters make the toughest jobs easier by minimizing the effort of transporting large volumes of liquid over any floor type

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This mop bucket has a capacity of 26quarts, which makes it ideal for large spaces; it has swivel caster wheels, which allows you to navigate around furniture and move from room to room easily. It is made from polyethylene, which makes it sturdy and durable.

This mop bucket can withstand everyday use; it comes with a side wringer that has a foot pedal that does the wringing for you and removes excess water from your mop before use. Its swivel caster wheels don’t leave scratch marks or damage your flooring.

This mop bucket helps to reduce your cleaning stress, and it also removes the need to squeeze your mops manually. It also comes with a wet floor sign, which helps to alert others that the floor has just been cleaned, especially in places with high human traffic.

This mop bucket comes in a variety of colors; it is great for small locations like your home, office, or restroom that sees heavy foot traffic.

  • The side wringer can carry up to 50,000 wringing cycles
  • It is made from polyethylene which makes it durable
  • IT comes with four non-marking swivel caster wheels
  • They come in a variety of colors and also color-coded
  • easy to store
  • It has 26quarts holding capacity
  • Can be a bit bulky and heavy
  • Cannot be used for industrial purposes
  • It doesn’t have a slot to keep your mop in an upright position

6. HAPINNEX Easy Spin 360° Press Mop Bucket Set

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This bucket is very lightweight but sturdy; this bucket comes with a rotating mop that can be used to clean your entire house without fear of spilling water and damaging your floor.

It comes with a centrifugal spinner that cleans your mop and removes excess water, though the mop has to be placed in the correct manner, else the centrifugal spinner won’t work properly.

This mop and bucket set will get your cleaning job done without you having to get your hands dirty, and the mop is expandable up to 47 inches, which means you don’t have to bend while cleaning and suffer backache.

The downside to this mop is that it’s not properly balanced, and you may need to keep an eye on it to avoid it tumbling over, other than that, this mop and bucket set is a great choice.

  • It is lightweight
  • Has self-wringers for convenience
  • The mop head is made of microfiber which is more absorbent
  • Has an in-built centrifugal spinner which helps to ensure your mop is properly dried after use
  • Can be a bit bulky and heavy
  • Cannot be used for industrial purposes
  • It doesn’t have a slot to keep your mop in an upright position

7. Rubbermaid Roughneck

Rubbermaid Roughneck Square Bucket, 12-Quart, Bisque, Sturdy Pail Bucket Organizer Household Cleaning Supplies Projects Mopping Storage Comfortable Durable Grip Pour Handle
  • Heavy-Duty wire bails offer extra durability for heavy use
  • Twin spouts guide water flow from either side
  • Grips on the bottom allow easy, controlled pouring
  • Handle grips are designed for comfortable carrying
  • Made in the USA

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This bucket holds up to 3.5 gallons of water, which makes it a great option to use for chores around the home, and it’s even big enough for outdoor uses like car-washing and window cleaning.

It comes with double spouts, which makes e it easy to pour out water from either end without spilling. It can also be used by athletes or anyone who needs to soak their feet (one foot at a time), and you don’t have to worry about spilling or splashing water, due to its sturdy and deep construction.

This bucket comes with a metal handle, which makes it easier to carry the bucket from one room to another. It has a 14quarts holding capacity, and has a rectangular shape which helps to ensure its stability, and also makes it easy to store.

This bucket, however, doesn’t come with wheels, which can make it difficult to move the bucket once it is filled with water.

  • It comes with two spouts which makes it easy to empty
  • Can be used for different purposes
  • It is very sturdy
  • Very durable
  • Has a large holding capacity of 3.5 gallons
  • It doesn’t come with markings that show the water level
  • The handle might be a little uncomfortable

8. Libman mop bucket

Libman Polypropylene Mop Bucket with Wringer, 4 Gallon
  • Excellent for all mop types with a convenient wringer that snaps in and out as needed
  • Works as two buckets in one with one side for dirty water and the other for clean water
  • Acts as a storage caddy for cleaning products with a comfortable ergonomic grip for easy transportation
  • 14.5"x11" wide at the base and 17"x14" wide across the top with a 2.5mm wall thickness and a weight of 2.5 lbs. Comes with a wringer with a 10"x5" wide opening
  • Quality made in the USA since 1896

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This bucket has a very sturdy and durable design; it is very lightweight and able to conserve usable cleaning water, which makes it great for those suffering from back pain or arthritis. It has a side wringer that requires very little pressure to squeeze out most of the water from the mop.

It has a winger that helps to store the mop, which makes it easy to maintain and store after cleaning. It also comes with two moderate-sized grooves for separating dirty water from clean water, and this reduces the stress of constantly having to change the water, which saves you time and effort.

When using this bucket, all you need to do is fill water and cleaning solution and then dip the mop into the water, after which you push the mop into the wringer to squeeze out the water, and your mop is ready to use.

  • It separates dirty water from clean water
  • It has a winger for storing the mop
  • It is lightweight
  • Very durable
  • Easy to use
  • It can be a hassle to empty the dirty water
  • It doesn’t have a foot pedal which can pose a problem when wringing

9. CycloMop Commercial Spinning Spin Mop with Dolly Wheels

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This is a mop and bucket set, and as the name implies, the mop spins through the bucket, which ensures that you can drain all the water from the mop with ease, which makes it easy to use it for cleaning.

The bucket also features a heavy-duty design, which makes it appropriate for commercial purposes. The wringer is made from durable nylon-based plastic, which makes it easy to assemble and maintain.

This product is a very compact and lightweight weight, which makes it the best for the elderly. You can also remove the side wringer part to reduce the weight to make it easy enough to lift it up. It is also adjustable, which enables you to easily slide up the wringer part out of its grooves.

This bucket comes with a splash guard, which helps to prevent spillage. The handle of this bucket is made of good quality metal, which makes it easy to lift the bucket. 

  • It has a splash guard to prevent spillage
  • It’s great for senior citizens
  • It has a spinning feature which helps to drain water from your mop properly
  • It has a removable wringer
  • This bucket is not very durable
  • It handles might be a little uncomfortable to use

10. O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop and Bucket Floor Cleaning System

O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket Floor Cleaning System with 3 Extra Refills
  • Exclusive bucket design has built-in wringer that allows for hands-free wringing
  • Deep-cleaning microfiber removes and absorbs tough dirt and grime
  • High-quality foot pedal designed to activate spin wringing, allowing the level of moisture to be controlled
  • Is compatible with the Easy Wring Spin Mop Refill
  • Three-section handle expands fully to 51 inches

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This Spin Mop and Bucket gives you control of how much water and moisture you use on your floor, which makes it easier to wipe and dry. The mop head is microfiber l, which makes it easy to absorb and remove stains that leave your floors spotless.

This product reduces your cleaning stress and cuts your cleaning time in half. It has an extendable mop handle, which allows you to mop without suffering from backache, and that also makes it great for tall people.

This spin mop and bucket not only keeps your floor clean, but it also keeps your hands dry and clean due to its foot pedal.

  • It has a splash guard to prevent spillage
  • It’s great for senior citizens
  • It has a spinning feature which helps to drain water from your mop properly
  • It has a removable wringer
  • This product is a bit pricey
  • This bucket can get damaged easily due to its fragile state

Choosing a Mop Bucket

Holding Capacity

This plays a great role in the functionality of your mop bucket; if you are cleaning large spaces, you will need to get a large and heavy-duty mop bucket to save you the hassle of frequent water change.

If you are cleaning large areas, you should get a mop bucket with at least 6 gallons holding capacity, and this will hold enough water so you can clean with minimal effort.

While for small cleaning jobs, you can go for a mop bucket with at least 3.5 gallons holding capacity. Getting the right size of mop bucket will save from water spillage; it will also help you to maximize the use of your detergent, as well as reduce water wastage.


A wringer is a very important feature you should look out for, a wringer lessens your work, and with it, you don’t have to get your hands wet and dirty trying to squeeze out water from your mop.

And also a wringer gives you the control of how much water you want to be left on your mop, and they have various designs of a wringer, you should always get the one where you don’t have to apply much pressure or the one that comes with a foot pedal for convenience.

Also, check the material of the wringer, materials like nylon-based plastic, which protect your mop pile from shredding.


You want to get a mop that is lightweight and easy to maneuver, because not only is it easier for you, it also saves your floor from scratches or even damages especially if your floor is hardwood flooring.

But if you are going for a heavy bucket, make sure it has rubber-clad wheels for smooth and easy movement on your flooring.


This is the first factor that comes into play when getting any product; your budget is what determines the features you get with your mop bucket. If you have a small bucket, it is best to go for traditional buckets; they can also get the job done.

But if your budget can accommodate a product a bit expensive, you should go for a bucket with great qualities like a wringer, microfiber mops, and even spin buckets. They are great for cleaning and will cut your cleaning time in half.


Regardless of the initial weight of the bucket, after adding water ( a gallon of water weighs 8.33 pounds), it becomes quite heavy; you don’t want to be dragging behind a heavy bucket while you work, that is strenuous.

Getting a mop bucket with wheels offers you enough flexibility to move the bucket around easily while cleaning, you also want wheels with brakes to avoid your bucket from rolling off when unattended to, or having to place the bucket against the wall while cleaning, those only make your cleaning job more tedious and you want it to be easy as possible.


You always want to consider the material used in manufacturing the mop bucket, as this determines its durability. If you are cleaning large spaces or cleaning very often, you want a heavy-duty mop bucket.

You want to avoid mop buckets made from plastic due to their susceptibility to cracking and leaking. You want to go for brands that are known to last long regardless of the usage.

Separate Dirt Groove

Not all mop bucket comes with a separate groove that helps to collect dirty water, but it is also a very useful feature. These dirt grooves are designed to keep the dirty water separate from the clean one; this reduces the need for a frequent water change. 

This is an important feature you want in your mop bucket, especially if you are cleaning large spaces.


Most mop buckets come with a handle for lifting and carrying, but the type of material used in making the handle is something you also want to consider. Most mop bucket comes with plastic handles, but they may not be sturdy enough to support a full bucket of water.

If you are planning to use your mop bucket for heavy-duty or commercial use, it is best to go for metal or wire handles. You can also go for an ergonomically designed handle that can be adjusted to your height to ensure comfort.

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How to Maintain Your Mop Bucket

You want to maintain great hygiene for your bucket because when it is used for cleaning, it becomes dirty and even contaminated.

You want to regularly clean and disinfect your bucket to avoid making it a breeding ground for bacteria, and spreading that all over your home when you use the bucket.

Below are some few processes you can use to keep your mop bucket clean and disinfected.

Step 1

The first thing you want to do is empty the dirty water; you can do that in a bathroom drain. Try as much as possible not to come in contact with the dirty water; most people recommend wearing gloves

Step 2

After emptying the content of the bucket, you want to fill it with some water and add some bleach or distilled white vinegar, allow the mixture to sit for up to 7 minutes.

Step 3

After 7 minutes, empty out the mixture, apply some cleaning solution, and use a scouring sponge to wash the inside of the bucket, scrub the wringer, and other attachments.

Rinse it thoroughly with fresh water then store it upside down so as to remove every drop of water. When it is completely dry, store properly.


How should I wash my microfiber mop head refill?

To clean your microfiber refill, machine or hand wash in warm water. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.  Lay flat or hang to dry.

How often do I need to change my microfiber mop head refill?

We recommend you change your mop head refill every three months. A simple reminder is to change your refill with the Seasons.


If you got tired wringing out mop with your hands, switch to a mop bucket system with a wringer. Although most of the mop systems are commercial grade, they fit well for domestic purposes too. With an appropriate mop bucket system that suits your needs, you can enjoy an efficient cleaning experience without being messy.

Always avoid twisting the mop while it is in the wringer. This causes the strings to get loosened up and reduces the efficiency. The best Mop Buckets are not the expensive ones having high-end functionalities, but it is the one that is more than enough for all your cleaning needs.

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