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10 Best Central Vacuum Powerhead

Best Central Vacuum Powerhead

Getting the best central vacuum powerhead is a great update because, with it, you don’t have to move a heavy vacuum cleaner around the house.

With a central vacuum powerhead, you gain the ability to efficiently clean up your carpet, furniture upholstery and even tiled floors without having to stop frequently to empty out the collected dirt and debris, as they are centrally collected.

Before investing in a vacuum powerhead, you need to determine the type of floor surfaces you plan on using it on, this because they come with a different cleaning brush, so you have to choose the one that suits your needs the best, let’s take a look at different powerhead options.

Best Central Vacuum Powerhead Review

1. Cen-Tec Systems Response II CT23QD Central Vacuum

Cen-Tec Systems CT25QD 91596 Central Vacuum Electric Brush , Black
  • A four position height adjustment is ideal for use on both traditional or high density soft carpets
  • A double swivel neck for improved maneuverability
  • Compatible with major brands of central vac, including Beam, No one, Electrolux, Hayden, VacuMaid, Aggressor, Vacuflo, MD, Canavac, Cyclovac, Air Vac
  • Quiet Drive poly V belt for long life, which is positioned away from the end of the agitator, providing true edge cleaning to both sides of the nozzle
  • Headlight, quick wand release, a low profile and high styling speak to the quality of the Response II CT23

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Cen-Tec Systems is a household name when it comes to replacement powerheads for central vacuums. The Cen-Tec Systems CT23DXQD central vacuum is one of their best products.

It is very effective agitating and removing deeply embedded dirt from low-pile and high pile carpets as well as hard floors and rugs, plus it’s pretty affordable for a cleaner with such power.

It is a very versatile cleaner because you can adjust the height to four different positions to suit the type of floor you want to clean. It also comes with a quick wand release and a low-profile design for added convenience.

This central vacuum powerhead nozzle utilizes a unique self-regulating air bypass system that helps to regulate airflow automatically to suit the type of floor surface you are cleaning; it also comes with a headlight that helps to illuminate dark areas during use.

  • It has an automatic suction control
  • Versatile central vacuum
  • It has a low profile design
  • It removes deeply embedded dirt
  • It is great for edge cleaning
  • It has a durable belt
  • It’s quite expensive

2. NuTone CT700 Deluxe Central Vacuum Electric Power Brush

Broan-NuTone CT700 Deluxe Electric Power Brush With Built-In LED Lights for Central Vacuums, 14" Width , Black
  • POWERFUL ELECTRIC BRUSH: High-quality deluxe power brush for central vacuums removes soil, dirt, and crumbs from carpets and floors through a motorized roller bar with nylon brushes to provide a spotless area
  • ADJUSTABLE: Features 4-position height adjustments, allowing you to clean hard-to-reach spots such as underneath couches or beds
  • LIGHT INCLUDED: Built-in full-width LED light maximizes visibility for better cleaning
  • EASY STEERING: Steering element and rubberized coated wheels make using this power brush on carpet easy
  • COMPATIBILITY: Use with Broan-NuTone's CH520, CH515, CH615 or CH620 hoses for a perfect fit

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This is one of the best Central vacuum powerhead that you’ll find in the market. NuTone CT700 Central vacuum will effectively keep your house clean and dust-free. This vacuum is also great for deep cleaning your carpet and extending its lifespan.

This central vacuum powerhead is an upgraded version of the NuTone CT600 and CT650. So, the NuTone CT700 comes with new and improved features.

For example, it comes with an easy adjustability feature where you can easily adjust, its height with just a touch of your toe. This cleaner also comes with a reset button, that helps to prevent it from burning the motor in the event that it jams.

This powerhead also comes with a wider LED light, that helps to illuminate your cleaning path and makes cleaning dark and hard to reach areas much easier.

  • It comes with improved traction
  • It comes with a wide LED lighting
  • It comes with a reset button that protects the motor
  • It has a convenient height adjustment feature
  • It’s great for cleaning hard to reach areas
  • This cleaner tends to break down easily

3. Electrolux RugMaster Central Vacuum Powerhead

Beam Central Vacuum Cleaner Electric Powerhead Sweep n Groom
  • Central Vacuum Electric Powerhead (120v AC) - All steel chromed beater bar - Belt Window -
  • Foot Pedal On/Off Switch - Standard cord with 2-pronged polarity plug (see picture).
  • Note: Wands are included but may not fit all models
  • The Powerhead neck accepts 1.25 inch Chromed Steed Round Tapered Wand. This is not a quick-release neck and does not accept square plastic wands
  • New Model is BLACK in color

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This central vacuum Powerhead is compatible with a 2-prong powerhead plug, but, it is possible to fit the head with a 3-prong design. 

The Rugmaster Powerhead is an electrical system that comes with some great features. The beater bar has a power of 5,000 r.p.m that gives you superior cleaning results.

It also has a standard-sized neck that has been designed to receive 1 1/4” round of tapered chrome wands for easy replacement of the Powerhead in case of damage; it also comes with a low profile and swivels neck configuration, that allows you to reach underneath beds and furniture with easily.

The wheels of this vacuum cleaner are built to offer non-scratch contact with surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about it causing damage to your floor.

There is also a soft wrap-around bumper for extra protection for both the powerhead and your surfaces and furniture.

  • It comes with 48-inch power cord for convenience
  • The wheels offer a non-scratch contact with surfaces
  • It has a beater bar with 5,000 r.p.m
  • It has a standard-sized neck for easy wand replacement
  • It has a swivel neck configuration
  • The neck of the vacuum isn’t quick release
  • The wand isn’t included in the purchase

4. Plastiflex Premium Central Vacuum Garage Kit 

Plastiflex Premium Central Vacuum Garage Kit (50ft)
  • Includes a crushproof vacuum hose universal hose end
  • Includes: hose hanger, dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool, floor tool, set of wands, tool bag, micro-fiber cloth
  • Compatible with major brands of central vac, including beam, Nutone, ELECTROLUX, Hayden, ultra clean, VacuMaid, Aggressor, Vacuflo, MD, ALLEGRO, air vac
  • All you need and more to keep your car and garage clean

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This central vacuum Powerhead comes with a 30-foot hose which is long enough to cover a wide area and still lightweight to enable you to pull it around easily. It also has a crush-proof feature that protects it from damage if you accidentally step on it or bend it during operation.

The Blackhawk powerhead utilizes a 5,500 r.p.m. beater bar that provides it with enough power and suction to remove any deeply embedded dirt in the carpet, and it has an easy height adjustment feature that allows you to use it for different flooring surfaces.

This Powerhead kit comes with four accessory tools, two 21” chrome wands, and a bag to store the items. It also has a full 360-degree swivel handle with cord management, and an ergonomic handle for easy manoeuvrability and added convenience. 

It also has a full headlight system for cleaning dark areas with easy.

  • It comes with a 360-degree handle
  • It utilizes a 5,500 r.p.m beater bar
  • It comes with four accessory tools and a bag for easy storage
  • It has a 30-foot long hose for convenience
  • It’s quite pricey

5. 35′ Central Vacuum Kit with Hose, Power Head

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This central vacuum kit comes with a bright LED headlight that helps to illuminate your cleaning path and also has a unique fibreglass toothed belt.

It has a roller brush that is specifically designed with a chevron pattern that allows you to make the most of your central vacuum’s intense suction ability.

It also comes with a 360-degree swivel neck and quick release neck and wand for easy manoeuvrability and convenience.

This powerful central vacuum has a five-position adjustment capacity, and a rubber strap and soft rubber wheels that prevent it from scratching or causing damage to your surfaces especially hardwood floors and it can handle any thickness of carpet.

The downside to this device is that it weighs a whopping 10 pounds, which makes it too heavy to move around easily when cleaning.

  • It’s a very heavy device

6. AirVac VM458 14-inch Deluxe Power Brush Nozzle

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This Central vacuum Powerhead is popular for its powerful electric motor. It effectively cleans and removes deeply embedded dirt from any type of carpets regardless of its high pile or low pile.

It also comes with a bright headlight that allows you to clean dark areas with ease. This device also comes with a protective bumper that helps to prevent it from smudging your baseboards or walls when vacuuming.

Also, this powerhead may boy come with a wand or other fancy accessories, but it has a 1 1/4 inch button wand that offers you the confidence that it is able to last longer.

This central vacuum Powerhead weighs just 5.3 pounds which is very lightweight. So you will need to put less effort into cleaning and to handle this device. However, its a power cord that is a bit short.

  • It is very lightweight, weighing just 5.3 pounds
  • It cleans carpets effectively
  • It comes with a 1 1/4 inch button wand
  • It comes with a protective bumper that prevents smudging surfaces
  • It has a very short power cord
  • It doesn’t come with a wand

7. Beam Sweep n Groom Rugmaster Power Head

Beam Central Vacuum Electric Powerhead Sweep n Groom Rugmaster Nozzle NEW, Model: , Outdoor & Hardware Store
  • All steel chromed beater bar
  • Standard cord with 2-pronged polarity plug
  • Note: Chromed Steel Wands are offered separately.

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This Beam Sweep n Groom Rugmaster Power Head is one of the best Central vacuum Powerhead, and its an electric-powered power brush. The brush is made from natural fibre, so it can be used to clean bare floor surfaces like tiles, hardwood, laminate floors, and stone floors,

it can also be used to clean carpeted floors. It utilizes a metal agitator that makes it a great option for people with pets because, due to its metal agitator, it can remove the pet’s hair effectively. This Powerhead comes with two different wands that give you the ability to clean different types of floors.

To use this Powerhead on a carpet, all you need to do is connect one wand to the power nozzle, and to clean bare floors; you simply attach the other wand to the bare floor brush.

  • It comes with two different wands for different types of floors
  • It has a metal agitator which is great for pet’s hair
  • The power brush is made from natural fibres
  • It performs greatly with any central vacuum system
  • Its wheels tend to leave scratches on the floor surface

8. Cen-Tec Systems VacufloTurbocat Central Vacuum

Vacuflo Turbocat Central Vacuum Air Turbine Brush, Gray
  • No Batteries or additional power needed; Runs off your Central Vacuum
  • The make-up of the TurboCat turbine allows for enhanced airflow and constant contact with the floor surface
  • Compatible with major brands of central vac, including Beam, Nutone, Electrolux, Hayden, VacuMaid, Aggressor, Vacuflo, MD, Canavac, Cyclovac, Air Vac
  • This model is gray in color

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This central vacuum Powerhead has a whisper-quiet operation; it is an air turbine model that will get your cleaning job done in no time. It requires no additional battery or electric power; it operates right off of your central vacuum.

This vacuum lacks an external motor which ensures its whisper-quiet operation; it also has added bearing insulators that help to hold it firmly in place to reduce vibration. Its brush roll has a chevron pattern design and dual height bristles which ensures proper cleaning of different types of the floor surface.

It weighs only 4.5 pounds which makes it easy to move around; it also has a wider front and narrower back end design which allows it to easily get underneath furniture,

This device has easy glide wheels which provide easy manoeuvrability and responsiveness. Also, its soft cushioned bumper helps to prevent smudging on baseboards and walls.

  • It is very lightweight, weighing just 4.5 pounds
  • It has a whisper-quiet operation
  • It can be used to clean underneath furniture
  • It has a chevron pattern brush roll
  • It has glide wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • It requires no additional battery or electric power
  • Some customers complain of it being too noisy

9. Comet, Central Vacuum Kit

35' "Comet" Central Vacuum Kit with Hose, Power Head & Tools - Works with All Brands of Central Vacuum Units
  • Light gray 35ft 1 3/8" inside diameter electric crushproof hose (27% more airflow than 1 1/4" inside diameter hose) with a 3-way switch and a soft grip ergonomic handle with strain relief
  • The "Comet" electric power head comes equipped with an LED headlight, a internal on/off switch that will automatically turn the power head on once the wand has been tilted back and off when placed in the upright position, a clear brush roller and belt view window, a quick release swivel neck, and utilizes an intergrated telescopic wand. It also features a low profile design for easy cleaning under furniture, beds and other areas
  • Comes complete with a 4 piece tool kit (12" Floor brush with wheels, Crevice tool, Upholstery tool with removal brush and Duster), telescopic ratchet wand for use with floor brush and red dust mop, caddy bag, wand tool caddy attachment, hose hanger and wall holder
  • Compatible with any standard 1.5 inch inside diameter wall inlet valves. Please measure your inlet valve to ensure compatibility. Your choice of either a pigtail or direct connect hose configuration. Please notify us of your choice after purchase
  • Not compatible with the Vacuflo proprietary inlet valve (HP Vacuflo Series 4940, 4949, 4940, 4941) and BUDD 1 1/4" inside diameter inlet valves. . If you are unsure of compatibility, please message Alder Products Ltd

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This central vacuum Powerhead has a 1 3/8″ inside diameter and has a crush-proof design, but at the same time its lightweight, and have a strong outer-casing. It has a 360-degree swivel handle that gives it better manoeuvrability.

The hose also features a button lock handle and a 3-way control switch, which ensures easy operation. It comes with LED lights that help to illuminate your cleaning path.

The electric powerhead comes with an electronic reset button that helps to protect the motor should in case the brush roller get jammed.

The powerhead also has sealed ball bearings that prevent hair build-up, and a brush roller viewing window so you can easily extract unwanted debris clogging the system.

This device has an On/Off button switch that is conveniently placed at the foot pedal. It also uses non-marking wheels, and a protective bumper to protect baseboards and furniture and your floor surface.

  • It has a 3-way control switch
  • It is lightweight and has a crush-proof design
  • It has a 360-degree swivel handle
  • It has sealed ball bearings that prevent hair buildup
  • It comes with lots of accessories
  • It doesn’t come with installation instructions which makes the installation process difficult

10. SEBO ET-2 Power Head

Sebo 9250AM ET2 Power Head
  • 15" Power Head Width Four-level Manual Brush
  • Height Adjustment A Flat-to-the-floor 3 1/2"
  • Its 180° Steering Ability is Highly Maneuverable Around Furniture A Convenient Clog
  • Removal Door Warning Light to Indicate Incorrect Height Setting or a Worn Brush Roller Brush
  • Obstruction Warning Light with Automatic Shut Off

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This is an electric central vacuum Powerhead; it is great for deep cleaning all types of carpets, making cleaning of hard floors and rugs a piece of cake. It also comes with adjustable height settings as well as brush roll shutoff.

Its floor nozzle swivels up to 180 degrees to give it better manoeuvrability. It is very great for dealing with pet hair.

This device also has warning lights in case of clogs, incorrect height setting, or brush roll obstruction. The Powerheadshuts down automatically once it senses any obstruction to prevent damage. But you may have to buy a SEBO adapter to use this device with your central vac; this allows it to work with almost all brands of a central vacuum system.

So, if you are searching for an all-around powerhead for your central vacuum system, this is a great purchase.

  • Visual warning and automatic shutdown in case of obstruction
  • Very durable Powerhead
  • It features four-level height adjustments
  • It is great for a variety of floor surfaces
  • It handle can swivel up to 180 degree
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty for the belt
  • It is very expensive
  • It doesn’t come with a wand

Types of Powerhead

Air-driven Turbo

This type of powerhead does not use electric or battery to operate. They utilize the suction power of the central vacuum. This makes it a great option for those who don’t want to rake up the cost of their utility bill or rely on power totally, where in cases of a power outage, you cannot clean. 

They are very easy to operate and manoeuvre, they also offer efficient deep cleaning without relying on motorized brushes. With air-driven turbo Powerhead, you don’t have to constantly replace the motor, which is very eco-friendly.

The new models of most air-driven Powerhead are quieter and even more powerful than older models.


Electric Powerhead is one of the most popular Powerhead, and they are known for its nonrestrictive airflow design. An electric Powerhead is great for cleaning edges. It is capable of cleaning the edges of your carpets close to the baseboards and walls.

They have brush rollers that spin at a very fast speed resulting in efficient cleaning of your space. This type of Powerhead gives you the ability to easily manoeuvre the nozzle in order to remove dust and dirt underneath furniture, beds and kickboards.

Also, dust is not able to escape the nozzle; instead, they go directly into the central vacuum.  And all thanks to its powerful suction, it is guaranteed to provide an optimal removal of dust, dirt and debris.

Buying Guide for Central Vacuum Powerhead

To get the most out of your Powerhead purchase, there are some features you need to look out for; this guide as the name implies will help you to buy the best central vacuum Powerhead for your budget and get value for your money

Height adjustment

The ability of your powerhead to adjust its height is a great feature you want to look out for when getting a Powerhead as this allows it to transition from carpets of varying thickness to hard floors and vice versa.

Some Powerhead has a floating head that can automatically adjust to the height of various floors, while some need to be adjusted manually, if you have different types of flooring throughout your home, buying a powerhead that has the ability to adjust its height can come in very handy.


When using a vacuum cleaner, you will need to move it around to cover the whole room/house. So if the powerhead isn’t lightweight, mobility becomes a tedious task that gets you exhausted even before you start cleaning.

One great thing about a central vacuum system is that you don’t have to drag a canister or upright vacuum around. But you will need to move the powerhead around, so you have to consider the weight of it before choosing.

There are a number of lightweight models in the market that does a great job of cleaning, but you have to make sure the construction is solid.

Even if you are going to use it for just a few minutes of cleaning you have to go for a lightweight Powerhead. Because The lighter the powerhead, the easier it will be to manoeuvre.

Quiet operation

One of the most annoying parts of vacuuming is how noisy it gets. Which could frighten your pets, or wake up the sleeping baby, if you leave in an apartment a noisy vacuum is a no-no because you can also disturb your neighbours.

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The loud operation and sometimes high-pitched whine can also be headache-inducing for you the user. But With a central vacuum, the main source of noise is located in the garage or basement, far away from the area, you are cleaning.

The only sound that is generated while vacuuming using a central system is the air flowing through the hose and operation of the powerhead itself. Most powerheads have their own motors which might be a bit loud, but still nowhere near the sound level of a portable vacuum.

Quality of the Roller Brush

When scouting for the right powerhead, one of the most important factors to consider is the quality of the roller brush. You want to go for those brushes that are made from durable steel materials. You may also find roller brushes that are made from wood or aluminium.

Powerheads with a replaceable brush strip are also a great choice. That way, when your brush strip gets damaged or worn out, you can simply purchase a new one, which will extend the overall life of the powerhead.


Functionally, belts are very critical in powerheads. The three types of belts that can be found on powerheads are:

  • Flat belt
  • Poly-V belt
  • Cogged/Geared belt

While they serve the same purpose, the lifespan of each belt type is different. Geared belts are the most durable, followed by Poly-V belts, then flat belts.


due to the extensive range of accessories and hose length that comes with most central vacuums, there is really no space you won’t be able to reach. Whether underneath furniture, beds, along with the ceilings, or in tight corners, you should be able to get the deep clean everywhere possible.

The long hoses also make a central vacuum great for cleaning out cars, boats, or RVs – there’s no cumbersome canister unit to take outside.

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Cleaning path

This is plain common sense, the wider the powerhead, the more area it covers under one swipe and the faster it takes to finish vacuuming the space you are cleaning. However, if the Powerhead is too wide, it might be difficult to clean tight spaces or underneath furniture.

So determine your cleaning need and your house arrangement before purchasing a Powerhead to suit them.

Deep cleaning

The power of the motor in a central vacuum is sometimes three times stronger than one in a regular portable vacuum; this is because it is housed in a larger casing compartment that is stationary.

They are also not moved from place to place and are usually bigger in size, so these units tend to vent more efficiently and reliably. The bigger size also provides better suction and cleaner surfaces; plus the superior venting helps to keep the motor cooler and leads to a longer life. 


So that’s all there is to know about the best central vacuum Powerhead, remember before getting a vacuum be sure to determine your cleaning needs and the types of floor surfaces you plan on cleaning, this will enable you to make the right choice.

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